About Us



Purdue University Global Radio is a digital radio broadcast system (webcast) for PG students, staff, and faculty available through PG Campus (students and faculty) and online.


With the station’s launch, PG Radio became one of the growing number of colleges and universities around the country to operate digital radio stations. Digital stations offer the advantage of better sound quality and reception, as well as the capability to provide on-screen support information (i.e., programming details, album cover art). Digital stations do not require call letters and are not regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


The goal of Purdue University Global Radio is not only to entertain and inform but also to provide a training ground for students in business and information technology. Each term, students work as interns, honing their skills by becoming on-air personalities, advertising sales people, technicians, and program or website developers.


Purdue University Global Radio is entirely student-run and features music as well as programming by students, staff, and faculty on a variety of topics, including books, current affairs, travel, business, University events, and messages from station personalities and listeners.

Talk programs are typically pre-recorded, but they give listeners the chance to share their thoughts and ask questions in order- prompted ways.

Listen to Purdue Global Radio 24 hours per day, 7 days per week from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Sydney, Australia.  Purdue University Global Radio is the voice of Purdue University Global.

Listen to the following throughout the day:

● A great variety of music
● Greetings from students, faculty, and administrative staff
● Announcements and updates at Purdue University Global
● Introduction to some fun student organizations at Purdue University Global

The Professional Development Hour– Weekdays at 5:00 pm ET and 10:00 pm ET. The Professional Development Hour is a talk show on topics like personal growth, health and fitness, inspirational and motivational stories, entrepreneurship, and more.


Purdue University Global Radio (formerly Kaplan Radio) launched on March 19, 2012, thanks to funding from the School of Business and Information Technology and the efforts of Dr. Tom Boyd (then Dean – School of Business), Dr. Betty Vandenbosch (then Dean of Students), Dr. Andy Temte (President, PG-PACE), and Lisa Gefen Sicilian (Chief Administrative Officer). Purdue University Global Radio immediately launched to the number one position on Live365.com. Our station can now be heard with our latest partners, Radio.co