Podcasts: Danny Lyon

This podcast is hosted by the Purdue University Global Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Student Advisor Dr. Martin McDermott, and features an interview with Danny Lyon, author of The Color of My Underwear Is Blue. Lyon believes success is a one-way street and the only direction is forward. He went into communications in Alberta, Canada, in which he spent over 20 years working in the field of telecommunications across the US and Canada as well as overseas. When deciding to go into franchising, McDermott and Lyon went with a company that they knew best-Mailboxes Etc.-they had done business with them a lot over the years. In 1996, Lyon opened his first store that he has since expanded and bought the Franchises Area Territories where they now have about 151 stores that they help and support throughout Alberta and Ontario, Canada. The book The Color of My Underwear Is Blue talks about success through networking; each chapter starts with a personal experience story that relates to each chapter’s point. Throughout the book, Lyon includes exercises to help with each point.